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  • Global Associate to Briana Evigan, Hollywood Celebrity
  • CoFounder - Orbital Online Solutions www.orbitalonlinesolutions.com
  • Executive Producer - Campfires and Coffees
  • Philanthropist
  • Business Partner - Juno Markets 
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Stephen is a former staff nurse and has a passion in using all his energy in taking care of other people. Due to some circumstances, he decided to change his career and started his own global businesses and affiliations from professionals all over the world. 


One of his employees invited him and his wife into their home for some gathering. When they got there, Stephen was shook with the current situation of that area. It was one of the poorest sectors in the Philippines and he feels like there is something he can do to at least help other people survive.


That's where all of this charity campaign started. For 5 years now, his team have been helping struggling communities through feeding programs, sponsored parties, monetary gifts, and sanitary items. The main source of donations are from his own profit / salary.


The good news is that it doesn't cost much to help other people survive in the same world that we are living in right now! You can donate any amount for this campaign and we will make sure it goes to food packs, sanitary items, and employment opportunities for these communities. 


They also created a program called ''adopt a family'' where donors can commit a monthly donation to a family of 4 that can be canceled anytime. So far we gathered more than 30 families (120+ people) joined this movement. This is on top of the community we are supporting in Cagamutan Norte which is composed of around 200+ people.


For the first time since 2015, the team is asking the Global Community to join their campaign, be a superhero, and change the lives of these struggling communities.



As a father of 2 lovely boys and a former staff nurse, I'm sharing my free book to new parents - Newborn Care Cheat Codes. 

Contact me here if you want to get your free copy. 




For business opportunities, you can contact me and my team on the ''Contact Us'' page. Thank you!